• Your Teachers

    Jan Allen


    I founded Bikram Yoga Seacoast in 2008, a manifestation of my passion for not just yoga, but also for the development of physical and mental strength. Since then, the studio has come to be a place of spiritual peace, sanctuary, clarity, and strength for an ever-growing community of the most wonderful people I have ever known.


    Growing up as the 8th child in a family of 10 children, my physical and mental strength has always been my beacon. I thrived on challenges, from various Outward Bound programs as a young woman, to college at Marquette University. At age 19, I faced the hardest challenge of my life as both my parents passed away within a week. My family, faith and determination sustained me, and more than ever, physical fitness became my outlet. So I realized at a young age how powerful the unity of body, mind and spirit can be, and from that realization comes my dedication to supporting others in their own struggles.



    You will often hear me in the hot room encouraging students to "just do the best you can for today." That is enough. Over the years, thousands of them have amazed me with their strength, determination, and spirit. I now draw so much of my strength from YOU!


    As proud as I am of the studio, my greatest source of pride has been launching my daughter and five sons into the world. They each hold a medal I received for running a Boston Marathon shortly after each was born, as a reminder of the strength and perseverance that will sustain them on their own journeys, as it continues to sustain me. They have supported and participated in their mother’s dream over the last 10 years, and each of them has worked at the studio in some capacity. I thank them and my husband Paul Aziz for being such a huge part of making my dream come true.


    Over the last decade, we have created a loving community of support for one another. From my view at the podium, watching students transform themselves over time has been so rewarding. This has also been a team effort. To my teaching staff over the years, I will be forever grateful for the gifts of instruction, compassion and love that they have given to our community. I see the results in every person who walks through our doors. They have made all the difference, and I am truly grateful to all of them. As I always say, "Together we are better."


    Jan and her husband Paul, who owns Yankee Clipper Harbor Tours in Newburyport, live in North Hampton, NH.


  • Christina Nice

    Christina has been a student of yoga for 20 years, and yoga has offered her peace, strength and rest. It has helped her overcome aches and pains that she thought were just part of being a devoted athlete. Over time, her yoga has been life changing and completely transformative. Christina completed her 200 hour teacher training with Tricia Philpott Master Teacher @Empower Yoga Studio. Her training is Baptise, but she pulls from other forms of yoga and is influenced by her teachers on and off the matt. Her classes will purify the mind, be physically challenging, refreshing, and fun-loving. They are appropriate for beginners and for yogis of all levels. Her students are taught to modify poses to meet their own needs. Her students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and follow intuition. She hopes that you leave her classes joy-filled, loved, and supported. Christina is also a Reiki 2 practitioner which brings another element to her teaching.She hopes to bring her love for yoga and that sacred healing space to all that come to her classes. Christina lives in Amesbury with family.

    Evelyn DeRosa

    Evelyn started her practice here at Bikram Yoga Seacoast in 2011 and 6 months later went on to teacher training in Los Angeles. She received her B.S. in Nutrition at the University of New Hampshire in 2019. She is certified to teach Bikram Yoga as well as Kundalini Yoga, with additional training in Superhealth Yogic Science to Break Habits and Addictive Behaviors, as well as Y-CBT Yoga Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    Evelyn favors traditional yoga disciplines to achieve optimal mind/body relationships. She is most interested in yoga for the therapeutic purpose of mental and behavioral enhancements. She aspires to participate in the growing body of scientific research that supports yoga interventions as valid and measurable treatment methods for self-care. Her special focus relates to the reduction of stress, anxiety, and addictive behaviors through yoga and meditation practices.

    Emma Brunet

    Emma Brunet began taking yoga as a way to channel her energy and improve her focus. She decided to move to Southern California in 2015 to pursue her Yoga Teacher Training certification in Power Yoga. She found that incorporating upbeat music to her energetic flows was a great way to connect herself and others to their practice. Emma ensures that, whether it’s your first or your thousandth class, you’ll find comfort in her flows. Her athletic Yoga Sculpt practice will help you to create strength and stability in your body.


    Hello! My name is Ariel. I am a Mainer through and through, but somehow ended up in New Hampshire with my husband and daughter! I have been teaching Hot Yoga since 2003 and Inferno Hot Pilates since 2017. I was tricked into taking my first yoga class and have thanked my lucky stars ever since. I believe that yoga and Pilates can help everything else you do. Everything is easier when you feel better and your body works better. I love being in a room with people taking care of themselves, it is powerful and effective. I can't wait to see you in class!

    Michelle Blanchette

    Michelle was introduced to Bikram Yoga while living in Los Angeles and has never looked back. After 10 years of committed practice to Vinyasa yoga, she realized that all forms of yoga (mindful breathing and movement) made her better at anything she did, from swimming, biking and kayaking, to being a better solopreneur, mentor, family member and friend. Michelle received her 200 RYT from the Kripalu School of Yoga in 2013. In 2015, Michelle combined her love for mentoring, stress reduction, yoga and essential oils to begin her business 4 the REST of US where she provides life wellness coaching, doTERRA essential oils education, and mindful practices to help those interested in calming their nervous system, finding clarity, trusting in self and searching for a deep remembering of who they want to be in this lifetime. Teaching Heated Vinyasa Flow at Metta Yoga Seacoast is Michelle’s most recent obsession. The addition of heat, and essential oil yogic assists, layers beneficial tools that enhance the nervous system and reboot the body.

    Renata Loree

    My name is Renata Loree and I was born in Czech Republic many moons ago. I came to United States at a young age, eager to experience and learn about life given the opportunity of what this land has to offer. I was a long distance runner in my home land and I brought with me an aching back, shin splints and from my scoliosis of the spine, serious hip issues. After I had my child, I realized that there must be another, healthier and gentler way to treat my body, I switched my running shoes for a yoga mat, and I have never looked back since. I have now been practicing yoga for about 26 years and teaching for about 20 years. My favorite style still has to be vinyasa yoga, because I love movement, but on days that I feel stressed out, I am just as willing to chill on the mat in a yin yoga posture. Through the years I have learned to listen to my body and my heart, sometimes the movement is not necessary to remind me what is it like to be still and just listen to my soul what it needs at the moment. I love reading yoga texts and books as I am an avid learner, hungrily looking for any useful information to tap deeply into the evolution of a human soul.

    Sarah Canfield

    Sarah began practicing hatha yoga in 1992 at a Kripalu studio in Salem NH and was hooked from the very first class. There were not many studios back then and so she mostly self practiced to continue receiving the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that were experienced from that very first class. She moved to Boston in 2001 and discovered Bikram Yoga in West Roxbury. Sarah feels that all yoga is good yoga but the Bikram practice truly seems to deliver the most benefit for the most people in the most efficient way and for those reasons she is most delighted to be teaching and sharing this yoga as much as possible!

    Rachel Marie

    Rachel’s yoga journey began in her late teens, as she struggled with anxiety and being limited by self-doubt. She worked hard in therapy and studied psychology for understanding, but this wasn't quite enough. It wasn’t until she attended a restorative yoga class that she realized what had been missing. That first class, she heard the voice of her body and spirit. Yoga helped her realize that her search for wholeness required her whole self. Rachel began practicing yoga in 2007, learning little by little to live not just with the mind, but with body and spirit as well. Her practice allowed her to catch a glimpse of the limitless light within her. The transformation yoga brought to her life was so powerful, she needed to share it with others. Rachel is a 200-hour certified Power Yoga Instructor, a certified Yin Instructor, and she is certified in Reiki 1. Throughout the diverse styles of yoga she teaches, you will find an emphasis on mindfulness, self compassion, and personal empowerment.

  • Teachers Currently on Leave

    Constantine Kadel

    Constantine Kadel began taking yoga classes at the Bikram studio on Lincoln St in Boston, where he witnessed the changes within himself from consistent practice. He has now been teaching for 8 years. In 2015 he moved to Greece, and volunteered at a refugee camp on Lesvos as a rescue diver. At the camp, he also introduced Bikram yoga to many refugees, again witnessing the substantial empowering effects of the yoga. Constantine was recently in India for Ghosh Therapeutic Yoga Training, and is writing a book on Karma Yoga and the refugee crisis. Constantine's mom, Martha, can be seen at the studio on a regular basis. She - and Metta Yoga Seacoast - are his biggest fans. We love you Constantine and support you on your trip and making a difference in this world.


    My name is Carina and I’ve been lucky enough to be your yoga teacher since 2014, after taking Bikram Yoga training in Thailand. When I first started yoga I was recovering from mental illness and drug addiction. Detoxing from methadone made me cold and angry! A friend noticed how cold I was and offered to bring me to “hot yoga”. I agreed, and right away I was hooked. It felt like that warm hug I’d always been looking for. I saw things in that first class I believed to be impossible and now, years later, I see myself doing these impossible things. Yoga makes the impossible attainable. I am here to remind everyone every day that when you improve yourself enough, really great stuff starts to happen. It doesn’t matter if it is your first class or 500th, it just keeps getting better. The more you do, the more you know yourself. And boss always says, “Only you know what you are put on this earth to do” ...So come find out!

    Sarah Oleson

    Sarah Oleson is an International yoga and wellness retreat leader. She encourages growth and interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual self within her students, and seeks to help them thrive by nurturing body and soul through yoga. Having been trained in Bikram, vinyasa and restorative yoga, Sarah decided to take her practice a step further and completed her 200 hour vinyasa flow teacher certification with Frog Lotus Yoga International in Bali, Indonesia in 2015, training and teaching alongside some of the best instructors in the world. She also completed her Childlight teacher training, and is certified to teach ages 2-18. Sarah is OM births certified to teach expecting mothers, and recently ventured to Bali again to complete her 300 hour teacher training with Zuna Yoga, to further advance her skills and knowledge.


    As an avid dancer in my youth, I was fortunate to discover Bikram Yoga over ten years ago. From the first class, I knew right away that I would always practice this yoga. It is a challenging process, but with time, trust, and dedication, this series is beneficial on all levels. My advice to practitioners is to trust the process. When you're having an off class, just do your best, come back the next day and try again. When you get here and persevere, you will feel fantastic! Every teacher has something unique to offer - we are all here to help. Leave your ego at the door, and trust that you can do anything! Mind over matter! I love teaching this yoga, meeting new yogis and witnessing their transformations.

    James Frew

    I've been practicing Bikram yoga for 8 years after a co-worker recommended it to me.

    I was looking for something to balance out the stress and pressure of my job and to find healing for a knee injury and digestive problems. I found all that - and much more - in Bikram Yoga.

    As a student, I try to focus on my practice, on my concentration and improving (even if it just a small improvement in one pose). As a teacher, I try to focus on the fact that this is not ‘my class’, this is the student’s class, and that the practice about them, not me.


    There is something magical about this yoga - this “90 minute moving meditation”. The mindfulness aspect improves our ability to focus and concentrate more deeply and for longer periods of time. The physical aspect enables us to overcome obstacles to health. It is the ultimate mind/body connection. There is no doubt in my mind that this yoga has made me a happier and healthier person. I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2004 and, after experiencing the physical and emotional benefits of this practice, I became a certified Bikram yoga instructor in 2013 and began to give back to the yoga community. I am passionate about this yoga. And now it is my passion to share it with others. I believe that our willingness to "SHOW UP" has the potential to change our lives and I like to remind my students that "you have already done the hardest part of class, you showed up!"


    I began my yoga practice at the age of 50, seeking improvement in flexibility and mobility. After 4 years of intermittent practice, I arrived at Metta Yoga Seacoast, my "yoga home", in 2012. At Metta Yoga, I enjoyed a more comprehensive yoga experience, including meditation and an awareness of more intrinsic yoga benefit such as reduction of stress an inner peace. My practice became an important part of my daily routine. I had a total hip replacement in 2014. Yoga was a big part of preparing my body for the surgery and for recovery afterwards. I was back in the hot room 30 days after surgery. In 2015, I went to teacher training, as I wanted to share the yoga benefits I had experienced with others. I'm proof that yoga teachers come in all shapes and sizes :). I have taught both in the Chicago area, as well as at Metta. I particularly love the community and "vibe" of Metta Yoga Seacoast. Wherever I travel and live, it will always hold a place in my heart for MYS as my "yoga home". Namaste.

    Kristen Carlson

    Kristen is a caring and compassionate RYTT 200 Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher, plant-based personal chef, and doTERRA Essential Oil Advocate. She grew up a dancer and earned her B.A. in Dance at Dean College in 2009. Yoga has been part of Kristen’s life since high school, but she truly fell in love with the practice in 2015. Her classes teach awareness and connection to the body and, as a means to access the balance in the body, mind, and heart. As a teacher, Kristen emphasizes the use of breath to lead the practice, body awareness, anatomical alignment, while also weaving spiritual and emotional elements into the asana. Kristen teaches Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga. While she loves to teach all styles, she is extremely enthusiastic about teaching Yin Yoga, and is working on her 200hr teacher training specific to Yin Yoga. Kristen is also enrolled and working on Holistic Health certification which will complement the personalized plant-based chef services she offers. She is dedicated to supporting personal growth and healing and believes that peace and happiness are achieved holistically, by creating balance in the body, mind, and heart.