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    The Hardest Part is Showing Up


    Traditional Hot Yoga

    Mon-Wed-Fri 6:30 am
    Tue-Thu 8:30 am
    Tue-Thu 5:30 pm
    Sat 8:30 am
    Sunday 9:30 am


    This Saturday April 1

    After this Saturday's 8:30 AM class
    please join us for:


    11:00 AM

    Yin Yoga with Barbara Dugan


    This 60 minute practice allows you to slow down, relax,and turn inward, helping to alleviate stress and restore energy levels. Yin yoga also improves flexibility, boosts circulation, and reduces tension, and cultivates stillness, receptivity, and surrender.
    Metta Members free. Others $10.00.

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    12 Noon



    Enjoy light Vegan Gluten Free treats after the Yin class and before the Sound Bath


    1:00 PM

    Sound Bath with Joanne Liljeholm


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    Traditional Hot Yoga Schedule

    Mon-Wed-Fri 6:30 am

    Tue-Thu 8:30 am

    Tue-Thu 5:30 pm

    Sat 8:30 am

    Sun 9:30 am

    12 classes over 4 weeks - $299

    8 classes over 4 weeks - $199

    With 1 free Infrared Sauna per month


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  • All Levels of Experience

    Learning to Fly

    Beginner warm yoga - 75 minutes

    In this beginner series, our postures are focused on balance awareness and on gaining strength, flexibility, and muscle tone. Designed to help realign your mind and body with self-care tools and to build a healthier life, you will develop a better understanding of body mechanics. We will work on building strength and awareness from the bottom up, learning weight distribution in relation to foot positioning, improving your sense of balance. The benefits of the series will lead to improvements in posture, digestion, sleep, wellness, stress levels and cardiovascular and immune system health. We challenge ourselves to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, and learn to accept ourselves. Through your efforts, your confidence will skyrocket, and you will be amazed by "YOU!" When you are ready, you can decide to go on to the Classic 26.


    Traditional Hot Yoga

    The Classic 26 Postures with Heat - 90 minutes

    The classic 26 Bikram postures done in sequential order are designed to open the body up slowly and gradually. The standing postures will help you bring more awareness and compassion to your body, followed by the floor series, met with an open heart and gratitude allowing you to go beyond as you listen to what your body needs that day. Do what you can that today and never stop trying. Studio temperature 105 degrees.

  • Metta Yoga Seacoast

    At Metta Yoga Seacoast, we are a community of caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental practitioners of all experience levels, who find strength, support, and sanctuary in each other.  We understand the challenges of facing the future, the concerns about aging anatomy, and the need to maintain our health and fitness. 

    We are never too old, too injured, too stiff, too stressed, too overweight, too sick, or too depressed to reap the benefits of yoga, and we believe yoga is a true medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. We encourage you to grow with us, accepting where you are, emotionally and physically, each day. 

    Come join us in the hot room, with an open mind and heart, leaving your expectations behind. 

  • Our Pod Classes

    Are you new to the studio? Are you a recently returning yogi?
    Whether it is our Traditional 90-Minute Hot meditative series or our "Learning 2 Fly" 60-minute beginner warm class, finding the right fit is instrumental to your success.  Our small private pods ensure a high teacher-to-student ratio, with safe techniques leading to better balance and strength. The individualized attention helps you achieve your personal goals.  Let Metta be your catalyst in taking the next step to a healthier, more balanced self.
    Here are some reflections from current students:
    -- Debbie, age 64, a New Yogi. 
    “When I signed up for a yoga pod, I wanted to improve my strength and balance. I never considered the psychological aspect of yoga. The other yogis in my class were so welcoming and supportive. I thought I would be intimidated, but everyone encouraged me. This yoga has taught me to be less judgmental of myself. It has opened me to better relationships with my family and friends. I am so grateful I found the support at Metta."
    -- Ray, age 61, an experienced Metta Yogi.
    “This year marks my tenth anniversary at Metta. I am finding myself fitter and more focused than ever, thanks mainly to Jan's smaller coaching classes. Over the years, I've been in many packed hot rooms, and they've been great. But having fewer classmates, more space, and more personalized instruction greatly affects how I listen, respond, and ultimately feel. My practice is soaring, and I am grateful.”
    -- Bonnie age 52, taking the Learning 2Fly beginner class – 1 hour warm.
    "This class has helped to strengthen and tone my whole body. Currently, I have a knee injury that may need surgery. Jan is helping me regain strength in my legs and body without any weights. The warm room makes me feel so detoxified. I cannot say enough about Jan and her teaching. It has been a gift. She explains and puts things into perspective, corrects and knows your limits, and works with each person in the class."