• Metta Yoga Seacoast


    July 4 Weekend

    Saturday 8:30 am Hot 90

    Sunday Closed

    Monday 6:30 am Hot 90

    Monday 11:30 am Beginner 60


    Join us in the hot room!

    Masks optional.

    Showers and infra-red sauna open.

    The MWF early morning classes start at 6:30 AM.

    No Sunday classes.

  • At Metta Yoga Seacoast, we are a community of caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental practitioners of all experience levels, who find strength, support, and sanctuary in each other.  We understand the challenges of facing the future, the concerns about aging anatomy, and the need to maintain our health and fitness. 


    We are never too old, too injured, too stiff, too stressed, too overweight, too sick, or too depressed to reap the benefits of yoga, and we believe yoga is a true medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. We encourage you to grow with us, accepting where you are, emotionally and physically, each day. 


    Come join us in the hot room, with an open mind and heart, leaving your expectations behind. 

  • All Levels of Experience


    Learning to Fly

    Beginner warm yoga - 60 minutes

    In this beginner series, our postures are focused on balance awareness and on gaining strength, flexibility, and muscle tone. Designed to help realign your mind and body with self-care tools and to build a healthier life, you will develop a better understanding of body mechanics. We will work on building strength and awareness from the bottom up, learning weight distribution in relation to foot positioning, improving your sense of balance. The benefits of the series will lead to improvements in posture, digestion, sleep, wellness, stress levels and cardiovascular and immune system health. We challenge ourselves to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, and learn to accept ourselves. Through your efforts, your confidence will skyrocket, and you will be amazed by "YOU!" When you are ready, you can decide to go on to the Classic 26.


    Traditional Hot Yoga

    The Classic 26 Postures with Heat - 90 minutes

    The classic 26 Bikram postures done in sequential order are designed to open the body up slowly and gradually. The standing postures will help you bring more awareness and compassion to your body, followed by the floor series, met with an open heart and gratitude allowing you to go beyond as you listen to what your body needs that day. Do what you can that today and never stop trying. Studio temperature 105 degrees.


    Traditional Hot Yoga Schedule


    Mon-Wed-Fri 6:30 am

    June 27 to July 29 

    15 classes - $299

    Drop in $25 - contact Jan

    Tue-Thu 8:30 am

    June 28 to July 28

    10 classes - $199

    Drop in $25 - contact Jan

    Tue-Thu 5:30 pm

    June 28 to July 28

    10 classes - $199

    Drop in $25 - contact Jan

    Sat 8:30 am

    Drop in $25 - contact Jan


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    Or contact Jan




  • Recent Reviews of our Pod Classes

    You cannot find a better hot yoga studio or more incredible owner/instructor than Jan Allen and her Metta Yoga Seacoast Yoga Studio in Salisbury, MA.  The studio is ultra clean and Jan's instruction is thorough and crisp.  Make no mistake, this type of yoga is a major work-out.  Try classic hot yoga and you'll understand. I am an older person, with bad knees and a titanium hip.  The heat and the stretching positions loosen your muscles and let you build into deeper positions.  If you sit at a desk most of the day like I do but are committed to regular yoga sessions, you will feel SOOO much better and will thank yourself for it. Jim 64


    I have practiced Bikram Yoga on and off for several years. I started back up about a year ago when Jan began offering the pod classes. The small pod classes have given me more individual instruction and guidance which in turn helped me grow with the practice more than I thought it would. I feel great. I enjoy being in a smaller group and developing friendships with those in my pod. Jan is a great teacher and has been able to give me encouragement and motivation to continue practicing regularly. The studio is clean and very welcoming. She does a great job making sure it is safe for everyone during these challenging times. Micky 51


    Personal wellness and self-care are imperative, especially during a pandemic. Metta Yoga Seacoast’s small group pod format allows me to feel safe and confident while building my emotional and physical strength. My practice has grown because of Jan’s expertise and guidance. Amanda 35


    There are many benefits to the small pod configuration! Not only is there enough room to spread out and feel safe, the individual instruction and attention that Jan gives each yogi is phenomenal. I have improved both physically and psychologically at a much faster pace than I did in the larger class format. Jan is encouraging and genuinely cares about each of us and our progress. Since we are with the same people in every class, the class has a friendly, family feel. I have so much respect for Jan and her business model. I am grateful to her for keeping the studio open so I can continue to learn from her and continue to go to my “happy place”! Carrie 54


    I totally enjoy the smaller pod classes offered at Metta Yoga. I don’t miss the packed 26+2 classes from before the pandemic and like practicing with the same committed other students in each class and also think that, with the smaller classes, the teacher is able to better focus on each student. Jan is a class act. Peter 62


    Working in the smaller classes with Jan has helped my practice immensely. The individual focus and attention allowed for greater growth. Metta is a place for me to move, be still and heal. Jeremy 33