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    "Had a great time at class today. Jan was awesome and very watchful of the ole man with a bad back. So far I am walking straighter and feeling better than have in some time. I am looking forward to my next session. I also burned 500 calories better than most cardio workouts!" --Todd  


    "Yoga has been fantastic for my mind, body & soul! I have been practicing the traditional Bikram yoga class for ten years and have recently paused. I started back up with Learning2Fly classes. I can't say enough how much it has helped me build my confidence to prepare myself to head back to the 90-minute traditional Bikram yoga. It has also allowed me to learn the postures at a slower pace and practice them correctly. Jan is an amazing teacher who gives all her heart & soul to every class and every student. I can't recommend this enough to everyone, including seasoned yogis!" -- Scott


    "As an almost 70-year-old woman, I would not have believed it if you had told me I would start practicing Yoga. However, through a friend, that is precisely what happened. I quickly learned Yoga is about fitness, health, community, friendship, inner peace, and serenity. I not only look better but feel better also." -- Christine


    "I am forever grateful to Jan and have been practicing yoga with her over the years whenever I am in town. She has been a great mentor and always has a great class. Jan helps me physically in class and mentally after class with wisdom and knowledge. She has a great aura about her and makes the class extra special. She is one of the nicest, most hardworking, and most energetic people I know. It always has a positive message, and I leave feeling better energy." -- Charles "BostonStrong" Rosa


    "Even as a world-class MMA fighter, that class was challenging, but it helped me immensely. Attending your classes always makes me exceptionally productive, pliable, and athletic. Metta is an excellent environment and the best yoga instruction ever!" -- Lucas


    Reviews from before COVID


    Love Bikram Seacoast. Love Jan. Love the space. Love how I feel while I am there. Love how I feel after I leave. -- Brooke.


    Always a clean, supportive, and positive environment. Jan is in tune with her students and offers helpful instruction. Anyone, at any level of practice, would feel comfortable and inspired at this studio! -- Corinn.


    Excellent, caring, knowledgeable instructors that welcome newbies with open arms! Highly recommended! -- Anonymous.


    Spa like atmosphere. Welcoming environment. Knowledgeable and motivating staff. -- Allison.


    Toughest ninety minutes of my life but I know it's good for me. I feel very comfortable going there, I am a beginner and they make you feel very comfortable and supportive. -- Mark.


    I have practiced Bikram consistently for over three years now and had practiced yoga prior to this as well. I have been to studios around New England and Australia. None compare to Bikram Yoga Seacoast. From the second I walked through the doors for the first time, the vibe of the studio, Jan and her approach to Bikram and spirituality felt like home. I cannot explain my love for this studio, the yoga instructors and how it has changed my life and mindset. -- Danielle.


    I'm a long time member and great fan of the place! I have worked out all my life and find that this provides the greatest balance of inner therapy with intense exercise. Any and all - beginners to pros - can just walk in and take a class. -- Michelle.


    Bikram Yoga Seacoast has changed my life! After six months I can now run again and no longer have knee pain. I feel great every day. Thank you, Jan, for your amazing classes and studio. I wish I had started years ago! -- Cathy.


    The care taken to keep this space beautiful and clean is obvious. The teachers are excellent and provide a professional atmosphere in line with what yogis seek - calmness, respect, and a soothing environment that is conducive for this meditative yoga practice. Love the creative messages of wisdom, flowers, and art work around the studio. I wished more classes were offered. Keep up your wonderful work! -- Petra.


    I love this place! All of the teachers are amazing in their own way! I was a beginner and everyone was very nice and helpful to me! So impressed how clean the facilities are as well. I was doing really well in the winter when I was going a lot. I felt great! I have been 3 times this week so hoping to continue the progress. -- Wayne.


    Bikram Yoga Seacoast is the best yoga studio in Massachusetts. I have been to 5 other Bikram yoga studios and none come close to Seacoast. The standards of this studio are the very best. Not only is it beautiful when you enter, but every part of the studio is immaculate. The class instruction is energizing and helpful so that each student learns and has help as well when needed. -- Martha.


    I've been a student at Bikram Yoga Seacoast for many years now. It is a lovely clean studio with terrific teachers. Jan is a thoughtful and talented owner and a brilliant instructor. I try to bring people here all the time with me - when they let me! I feel lucky to have this studio so close to where I live. -- Denise.


    Welcoming studio & staff, clean and spacious, excellent instruction. -- Mary Ellen.


    I have practiced here since the opening. The yoga has had a major impact on my well being. It has helped me with my asthma and my overall strength. Jan, the owner, is inspirational. She is an excellent teacher, and gets the most from each student. The atmosphere is kind and nurturing. -- Maureen.


    This was my first Bikram class. The instructor was really great and very welcoming. I am not a very flexible person so it could have been intimidating but they made it very approachable. The class was very good. I would definitely recommend it. -- Tony.


    Compassionate and knowledgeable instructors and a comforting calm environment. A beautiful studio with wonderful people! -- Susannah.


    This is the best and cleanest Bikram Yoga studio in Northern New England. Jan's care of the little details is second to none. -- Jennifer.


    We love this studio. Jan and her husband have a wonderful business and I love Jan's teaching. The studio is clean and welcoming. We live in Florida and visit the studio whenever we are in NH for vacation. We truly miss everything about this studio when we have to travel back home to Florida. All the best! -- Diane and Mark


    The instructor was great. I really liked the floor covering - the rubber seemed clean and the sweaty smell seemed minimal. I enjoyed the cold facecloth at the end of class. The studio was clean, inviting and very organized. -- Michelle.


    If you are reading this.... get moving to Bikram Yoga Seacoast for their next class. You can change your quality of life at this amazing studio in Salisbury. Jan and Paul transformed their studio into a feel good yogi home away from home….felt by all who practice there. Practicing at BYS transformed me. Truly a pleasant place to get your mind, body and spirit back! -- Cheryl.


    The studio is gorgeous! Clean and serene. The cool, peppermint infused cloths were a perfect touch. -- Sharon.


    I feel so blessed that I found this yoga practice. It has improved my health, makes me feel and look younger and even makes me a better person. I'm not kidding about being a better person. I am much more patient, happy about who I am and respect my body and health, as well as, respect others more. -- Regina.


    I love this place! The teachers are amazing and Jan goes above and beyond with the cold peppermint washcloths at the end of class and an amazing stocked shower and dressing room! Best Yoga Studio! -- Mindie.


    This is the best studio North of Boston. The instructors help you manage the classes and you are pampered nicely at the end. -- Kathleen.


    I've been to studios all over the country and although this is my home studio I can honestly say from the top to the bottom this is a fun energetic and at the same time relaxing studio. -- Kevin.


    I was really nervous to try Bikram. I find some yogis can be pretty intimidating when it comes to their practice and also was afraid I was going to be in a hot room that smelled like stinky people! I had such the opposite experience at Seacoast! I walked in and felt like I was in a spa! My instructor was so helpful, telling me what to expect, that it was OK to take as many breaks as I needed and to just lay on my mat and that my goal for my first class should just stay in the room. I immediately felt at ease knowing I wouldn't get funny looks if I needed a water break or to just take a minute to reset if I wasn't feeling great. The dressing room and studio were both very clean and again were very spa like. The instructor came to check on me during one of my breaks and assured me I was doing great and to take all the time I needed. I survived my first class and, afterwards, I was feeling so good I felt like I could climb Mt Everest! After my intro week, I’ve purchased a class package and can't wait to add Bikram into my weekly workout routine! -- Bridget.


    Compassionate and knowledgeable instructors and a comforting calm environment. A beautiful studio with wonderful people! -- Susannah.


    I love this studio, and the practice. After I have practiced, everything about me is happier, calmer, more grounded and alive. The studio is welcoming and very clean. I particularly love Jan's class, and always find her feedback supportive and helpful. I really appreciate the small things around the studio that are mindful of our environment. I love the cloth towels in the bathroom, instead of paper towels, which are wasteful in my opinion. The biodegradable garbage can liners and the seventh generation toilet paper are great too. I have never taken a shower there, but do appreciate the lovely ecological soap and body cream that is available. All in all, I would say that I am one happy yogini having found Bikram Yoga Seacoast. With much gratitude. -- Leslie.


    From the quality professional instruction to the spacious and clean hot room, Bikram Yoga Seacoast offers a terrific experience that is both engaging and rewarding. This is an exceptionally well run studio with a loyal and enthusiastic clientele. -- Brian.


    It's been a wonderful experience thus far. I am completely challenged (both mind and body) which is the way I like it. I keep looking forward to the next class. What more can you ask for? -- Elaine.


    I had a great experience trying this class. It was my first class and first time trying Bikram Yoga and everyone was so friendly and understanding. I am looking forward to my next class and see how I improve with regular practice. Great group of people. -- Michael.


    I never feel as good as when I take a Bikram Yoga class, both physically and mentally. We are so fortunate to have you, Jan! -- Jenn.


    As I approach my 3 year anniversary with BYS, I have to applaud Jan and her wonderful teachers. Having disabling arthritis and numerous surgeries, the hot room practice has given me my life back. This studio is truly blessed with a talented, devoted, passionate staff. Thank you Jan for your continued strength in your mission to make a difference to all. Love you my friend. -- Cheryl.


    Of the 12 studios where I've practiced in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Bikram Yoga Seacoast in Salisbury, MA has the most to offer. It is spotless clean, has a great climate control system that circulates hot air and replaces if CO2 gets high, the exercise flooring is high end, the locker rooms great, and comfortable decor and fresh flowers. And the instructors are first class...it starts at the top with the owner Jan who is a very caring and skilled instructor...she'll make you laugh, work you to your potential and raise your practice. All this and the prices are the best too! -- John.


    I love Bikram Yoga Seacoast. It is without a doubt the most beautiful yoga studio that I have practiced in. The studio has been renovated with new flooring and a state of the art heating system which creates an amazing workout environment. There is plenty of parking and conveniently located just minutes from downtown Newburyport. The owners Jan and Paul are wonderful and have built a strong yoga community here. If you have ever wanted to try yoga this the place for you! -- Jim.


    Bikram Yoga Seacoast fosters a serene atmosphere that encourages students to focus and get the most out of their practice. The staff is made up of dedicated yogis that use the Bikram dialogue and sometimes additional pertinent information to explain the anatomical benefits of each posture in the series. Although there is a spiritual aspect of this yoga, students are spared New Age dogma. In savasana, students are guided through meditation and encouraged to find stillness in body & mind. Although the 26 postures and breathing exercises remain the same, the staff presents it enthusiastically, drawing out the best from students. Whether you are an advanced yogi, or a newbie, this yoga is life-changing for the better and I highly recommend discovering it for yourself. -- Anonymous.


    This was my very first Bikram Yoga class and it was as enjoyable as the introduction could possibly be. The instructor made me feel welcome and didn't put any pressure on me to do any postures I wasn't comfortable trying. The studio was very clean and provided a calming atmosphere. I am very thankful to my friend for bringing me and I will definitely be returning. -- Kent.


    I love the class. I can't stop talking about it to everyone I know. The instructors are very nice and know exactly what they are doing. They know their students and are very helpful and motivational. I have been looking for something that I enjoy doing to help me get healthy, and I am so happy that I have finally found it! -- Brittany.


    Wonderful studio, great teachers! Love this place! -- Samantha.


    I started Bikram yoga at the suggestion of a friend. I love this studio. Jan, the owner and the other teachers are fantastic. It has been so helpful for me mentally and physically. I find myself eating healthier and drinking water. Previously, I had lower back issues and tried physical therapy and went to a chiropractor. Since coming to yoga, my back feels so much better. It’s a commitment that I am making to myself. I highly recommend this studio. It is awesome. -- Stacey.


    I can count the times I have been to Bikram yoga on one hand now. So I am no expert. What I can tell you is that upon first step in Bikram Yoga Seacoast, I knew it was a special place that I could begin my much needed practice of yoga. The energy is positive and pure, clean and clear, happy and healthy. You can tell that Jan and the community deeply care about this studio because every inch is clean and cared for, thought out and appointed with vitality and life. Stones, candles, fresh flowers and plants, and serene artwork remind us to slow down and enjoy simplicities of life and beauty of nature. As a first timer I appreciate the thoughtful accoutrements I find there: yoga mat and towels if I forget, bottled water, electrolytes, water bottles, yoga attire in the boutique and necessities like shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, and a bag for my wet clothes in the locker room. The instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable and the hot room is, well, hot! But it is state of the art. The air is changing constantly and the humidity and temperature stay constant. The room’s warm tones seem to wrap around you and help you feel safe and at peace. The 26 poses are a mix of challenge levels and have specific mental and health benefits to each so I have learned that as long as I am focusing and trying I am benefiting. It may take a year to even get into some of these poses but patience and reassurance are important to take into the hot room. I have learned the hard way that HYDRATING BEFORE yoga and BREATHING DURING yoga is vital! So drink up before you go and if I can do it anyone can. Namaste! -- Angela.


    It is located in one of those quintessentially American nondescript strip malls, between a U-Haul and a Cinemagic. But once you open the door, take off your shoes and enter, you find yourself, in another world. I don't have the words to explain it. You have to experience it yourself. -- H.



    "Jan has done an amazing job keeping us all safe. So grateful to be back in the studio and back to my practice." -- Amy


    "Great experience. Clean. Safe. Challenging." -- Rich


    "First and foremost - Jan Allen. I trust and respect her without question. The studio is welcoming, beautiful, and sparkling clean. There is a range of skill and experience among the practitioners, so despite my limitations, I feel like I belong there. The current accommodations for Covid are conservative and make me feel safe." -- Lesley


    "As always, Jan puts cleanliness and safety first. Great experience!" -- Danielle


    "Jan is wonderful. Things were very organized and safety was her #1 priority. The studio is beautiful as well." -- Lisa