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    Our next sets of classes begin 

    Mon Dec 6 and end Fri Dec 31


    Mon Wed Fri - 7:00 am

    12 classes - $229

    Tue Thu Sat - 8:30 am

    12 classes - $229

    Mon Wed - 5:30 pm

    8 classes - $159

    Tue Thu 5:30 pm

    8 classes - $159

    Weekend Warrior

    Sat 8:30 am & Sun 9:00 am

    8 classes - $159


    Pick any 4 classed offered

    4 classes - $89

    Drop-in Class

    If available - discuss with Jan - $25


    Text or eMail Jan




    We are committed to a safe environment.

    Masks required. No showers.

    See below further information.

  • Metta Yoga Pods and

    Why We Do Them

    Our pods are groups of up to 16 students with one teacher. Limiting participation to 16 students allows us to socially distance in the hot room. The students are the same individuals every class during a five-week period. The classes are a lot of fun and we gain a sense of real community. You will be motivated and surprised by your strength and perseverance. You will walk away with acceptance of your body and a grateful heart after every class.

    I have found these pods to be energizing for all of us. Throughout these challenging classes, I have really enjoyed teaching and watching you grow in your practice. The greatest gift I see as a teacher is the vital connection each of you have with your breath. Busy and stressed minds enter the studio door, and then find a sense of peace that embraces them through the class. As a teacher and studio owner I could not ask for any greater gift than that.

    Thank you "Pod People" for trusting me, as we move through the journey together. I am so proud of the progress you have made in these small pods.

  • Three Recent Reviews of our Pod Classes

    I want to thank you for finding a way to safely reopen the studio. I am aware of the extraordinary effort that you have to put forth to keep the studio open for us. Your strict adherence to safety protocols have assured that we have remained safe. It was so extraordinary to find in these stressful, anxious times a nurturing place where you could find a place to take care of yourself. Also, the others that have committed themselves to the pod are likewise committed to the same goals .I am so grateful for their strength and resolve. In a time of great isolation it was so gratifying to be able to have a sense of a community.  The small classes helped me to stay in focus during the classes ( and close the door on the rest of the world for a little while ) and, of course, the individual attention has helped.  Monica 65


    I have been practicing at Metta Seacoast for 10 years and I have loved it. When COVID hit early last year and everything shut down, I was very sad about not being able to practice in the hot room with fellow students and teachers. Once the State allowed fitness facilities to re-open, Jan was there for her community. She designed a new concept to safely open with small classes (pods) with 8 students socially distanced in the hot room. We each have our assigned space and practice in the same spot each time. We are on a regular schedule together, in my case M, W, F at 7am. We only attend our assigned classes. She created a safe way for us to practice. Starting with arriving at the studio we are all social distancing, wearing masks the entire time, our temperatures are taken upon arrival and hand sanitizer is provided upon arrival and departure. The changing areas are also modified for safety and social distancing. The ability to be able to practice in person safely at the studio has been a gift. I love the smaller classes and the cadence (3x a week). The individualized coaching that Jan is able to give in this smaller group is very personalized for each of us and has helped every single one of us grow in a way that I don’t think would be possible in the larger format. Practicing with the same people each time has also been comforting - getting to know everyone, cheering them on, seeing the progress, I feel connected to the people in my pod. Personally, my practice has become the truest form of self care. As a result of this intimate pod system, I have been able to get to know myself so much better, what I am capable of, the total transformation of my mind body connection, and the keen awareness of the breath when practicing. It has slowed me down in the practice, and I have finally figured out how to relax in the postures (well, most of them anyway). The studio is very clean, safe and welcoming. I feel extremely grateful to have continued my practice during these very challenging times in such a supportive, safe, and community-focused way. Carrie 49


    The year and a half has  been a very stressful time for everyone.  The loss of our regular hot yoga classes at Metta Yoga Seacoast were one of the hardest things to adjust to during the lockdown.  So thankful to Jan for her personal commitment and dogged determination in creating a safe and impactful way to stay connected and practice together in a safe, live heated space.  Practicing for 75 minutes in the hot room with a mask was nowhere near as difficult or distracting as expected going into the first session.  I now consider it “normal” and think nothing of it.  I am so thankful to Jan for her vision and drive to power through this pandemic.  My experience of the Pod format has been surprisingly positive.  I look forward to going to every class.  I have a predetermined spot – waiting for me!  The entire studio and especially the hot room is beyond clean.  Jan is hypervigilant in ensuring and maintaining safe protocols for each and every student.  She does it all - from meeting you at the front door upon arrival, entering the hot room, exiting the hot room and even leaving the premises.  She is ON IT with disinfectant and thermometers in hand!  The Pod group has impacted my practice in a subtle but profound way that would have never come had it not been for people like Jan, who in spite of whatever life throws at us has found ways of making a difference for us in our local community, right here close to home.  Covid will pass hopefully soon, however the Pod format and the intimacy of practicing 3 times per week with the same fellow practitioners has been a pleasant surprise.  I look forward to seeing everyone, I feel the connection with each person upon entering the room.  We all are in it together; we are all appreciative to be here.  So thankful.  Todd 63


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